Dallas Executive Airport Master Plan

The City of Dallas, owner and operator of Dallas Executive Airport, has initiated the preparation of a Master Plan Update for Dallas Executive Airport in order to assess its existing and future role while also providing direction and guidance for future development.


The study is designed to provide guidance for future development and provide updated justification for projects for which the airport may receive funding participation through federal and state airport improvement programs. The City has hired Coffman Associates, an airport consulting firm which specializes in master planning and environmental studies, to complete the Master Plan Update. The City of Dallas and Coffman Associates have worked together on previous planning studies for Dallas Executive Airport.


The Master Plan Update is intended to be a proactive document which identifies and then plans for future facility needs well in advance of the actual need for the facilities. This is done to ensure that the City of Dallas – Aviation Department can coordinate project approvals, design, financing, and construction to avoid experiencing detrimental effects due to inadequate facilities.


The Dallas Executive Airport Master Plan Update will be prepared in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Texas Department of Transportation – Aviation Division (TxDOT) guidelines and industry accepted practices.


For your review, historical and current Master Plans have been posted here: http://dallasexec.airportstudy.com/



The 2015 Dallas Executive Airport Master Plan has been divided into Chapters for quicker and more efficient downloads. Based on ongoing input for the Public Advisory Committee are subject to change.


Table of Contents 


Chapter 1 - Inventory

Chapter 2 - Aviation Demand Forecast

Chapter 3- Facility Requirements

Chapter 4.1 - Development Alternatives

Chapter 4.2 - Development Alternatives

Chapter 4.3 - Development Alternatives

Chapter 4.4 - Development Alternatives


Chapter 4.5 - Development Alternatives

Chapter 4.6 - Development Alternatives

Chapter 4.7- Development Alternatives

Chapter 5 - Master Plan Concept

Chapter 6 - Financial Program

Appendix A - Glossary of Terms

Appendix B - Environmental Evaluation

Appendix C - CIP Cost Estimates

Appendix D -  Aiport Layout Plan Drawing

Appendix E - Public Advisory Committee

Dallas Executive Airport Master Plan