Within the Dallas Airport System (DAS), we commit to our employees, passengers, and stakeholders to provide a safe working and operating environment. To support this objective, DAS has formed a Safety Division tasked with overseeing both operational and occupational safety to meet the highest safety standards.


A Safety Management System (SMS) has been developed to proactively maintain operational safety and to comply with future Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulatory requirements. SMS focuses on airport operations including aircraft, passengers, and stakeholders ensuring the balance of safety and performance.


DAS has been certified under the International Standards Organization (ISO) for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) – 45001, to ensure facilities are safe for workers and customers.


DAS has integrated these two initiatives to provide a safety framework to consistently manage hazards and risks throughout the airport system. An integral part of maintaining our safe environment at DAS is our reliance on you to participate in and improve safety practices at every level.


Aviation Safety Division Contact Information


open-mail                phone-call      214-670-SAFE(7233)